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Water filtration service specialists serving the Montgomery River Region and Auburn

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Delicious, pure tasting water
through water filtration service

Avoid the hassle of 5-gallon water coolers, but enjoy the benefit of great tasting water on demand.

Improve everyone’s day with pure, refreshing water. Not only does being properly hydrated improve mood and mental processes, but it also gives your existing coffee and tea service a flavor boost. AFS Coffee makes office water easy and effective with water filtration service that connects directly to your water line — no jugs. The water is then filtered to remove impurities and particles that affect taste. The result is an eco-friendly water solution that the entire workplace can enjoy.

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Vending machines and water filtration services in Montgomery & Auburn

Hydrate with ease

AFS Coffee offers different water filtration service systems in order to best fit
the needs of your Montgomery River Region and Auburn facility.


Each water filtration service system is plumbed in to a water line, eliminating the need for large, heavy bottles of water.


Smaller units fit perfectly on the break room counter, freeing up floor space and making drinking water convenient.


A floor standing model is self contained, requiring no outside support structure, while still offering a filtered water experience.


Get your water filtration service from the same folks that can provide vending, coffee service, micro-markets, and more.


Water filtration service units provide hot and cold water instantly, making them a perfect option for customizing drinks.


Filtering removes the chlorine, sediment, and other particles that can make Montgomery River Region and Auburn water taste bad.

100% sustainable water choice

By using water that is already coming to your building, you are opting for an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water. There are no worries about polluting a local spring, transportation fuel use, carbon emission, or plastic bottles ending up in a landfill. It’s just clean, filtered water that tastes delicious and is always available to employees and guests.

Ensure your workplace is getting enough water with water filtration service from AFS Coffee at (334) 264.7336 and