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Vending machines customized with today’s best products and most reliable technology ideal for Montgomery River Region and Auburn

Fill every need

Updated equipment & exceptional variety

Enjoy a mixture of healthy and indulgent products available 24/7 through state-of-the-art automated dispensing and secure cash and cashless payment

Nothing is more distracting than hunger. Instead of driving these employees and guests offsite, opt for a reliable vending machine from AFS Coffee. We offer top-of-the-line equipment filled with trendy brand name products. Each vending machine accepts credit card payments, cash, and mobile wallets in order to modernize the experience. Products inside are regularly re-stocked and rotated to keep things fresh, including a wide selection of healthy alternatives. Plus, you can customize the vending offerings further to make it a perfect fit for your Montgomery River Region or Auburn business.

Vending machines in a Montgomery River Region and Auburn breakroom

Experts in vending service

AFS Coffee has a long-history supplying vending machines to Montgomery River Region and Auburn companies, along with brand-name products, fast response times, exceptional support, and full break room consulting.

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Well-known brands

Products from all the top rated names in snacks, food, drinks, candy, pastries, and nutritious.


Highly-trained staff ensure every vending machine is expertly filled and operates properly.

ADVANCED equipment

Infrared technology inside the machine guarantees a product is delivered or triggers a refund.

Utterly convenient

Now customers and employees can have fast, delicious grab and go options at your location.

Vending machines in Montgomery River Region and Auburn

Fresh entrees

Enjoy premium fresh food items made with high-quality ingredients at professional facilities.

Montgomery River Region and Auburn vending machines

Snack variety

From traditional to nutritious snacks, choose the ideal mix for your employees and customers.

Vending machines for Montgomery River Region and Auburn businesses

Chilled beverages

Savor the ice cold sodas, iced teas, cold brew coffees, juices, waters, and more, all onsite.

Bringing the perfect lunch companion to your Montgomery River Region & Auburn employees

Stay energized throughout your work day with fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, hydrating beverages & tasty treats from AFS Coffee Service.

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Bring the best in vending machine service to your Montgomery River Region and Auburn location by contacting AFS Coffee today at 334-264-7336 and