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Morale-boosting pantry service in Montgomery River Region and Auburn

Enhance your break room
Vending  machines in Montgomery & Auburn pantry services

No. 1 corporate culture benefit

Offering complimentary food and drinks to employees in the workplace is an extraordinary perk that sets your business apart.

AFS Coffee can assist in creating a more positive company atmosphere in your Montgomery or Auburn workplace. Introducing pantry service, a way for you to stock a break area with free items, such as healthy snacks, fresh food, cold beverages, a coffee or tea bar, etc. We cater to your preferences and stick with your budget. Employees feel appreciated and are more productive since they can refresh without leaving your location. It’s win-win.

Transform your break room into an
employee retention tool with free food and drink pantry

Best break room must-have

Pantry service is that extra employee benefit that attracts and retains top talent to your company.

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Elevate your workplace with the best break room pantry service. Contact AFS Coffee at 334-264-7336 and