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Transform your Montgomery River Region and Auburn break room with the best micro-markets

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Hundreds of products

Break out of the box in order to deliver a better feel and many more
food, snack, and beverage options to employees, for no out of pocket cost.

Vending Machines in  Montgomery & Auburn micro-markets

FDA approved food

Food in the focal point of our micro-markets, so we make it fresh at FDA approved locations.

Vending machines and micro-markets in Montgomery & Auburn

Eye-catching concept

The open shelves and glass-fronted coolers make the micro-market a modern, desirable solution.

Vending machines and micro-markets for Montgomery & Auburn businesses

Self-serve shopping

Employees can use the micro-market anytime, checking out products at the self-checkout kiosk.

Vending machines and breakroom micro-markets in Montgomery & Auburn

Tailored options

Custom your micro-market to include food, snack, and drink selections you want to offer to employees.

See the micro-market difference

Create a new experience in your break room with micro-markets from AFS Coffee at 334-264-7336 and