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Deliver in-hotel coffee and tea your Montgomery River Region and Auburn guests will love

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Hassle-free coffee and tea in hotel rooms

We can provide premium coffees and teas along with easy-to-use brewers and reliable service so your hotel guests never lack for a hot beverage.

Partnering with AFS Coffee in Montgomery River Region and Auburn ensures better service, for you and your customers.

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  • Reliable brewers

    Each in-hotel coffee brewer we offer is of commercial quality, ensuring it will last through heavy use.

  • No-hassle service

    AFS Coffee takes care of everything for you, including brewer maintenance if there ever is an issue.

  • Plenty of choices

    Convey just the right image by choosing the perfect coffee and tea offerings from our wide range.

  • Dependable service

    AFS Coffee offers service you can count on, from on-time delivery to courteous customer service.

High-quality brewers ready for hotel guests

Knowledgeable staff help choose the right in-hotel coffee machine for your needs that will last brew after brew.

Vending machines and in-room brewing in Montgomery River Region and Auburn

Your guests will adore the convenience of being able to brew coffee any time in the privacy of their hotel room.

Each in-hotel coffee brewer is constructed of tough material for a long life, and designed for easy cleaning.

Vending machines and coffee brewing in-room in Montgomery River Region and Auburn
Vending machines and in-room coffee brewing in Montgomery River Region and Auburn

Simple for guests to operate, these coffee brewers also include an auto shut-off feature to give peace of mind.

Make your in-hotel room coffee and tea easy and a guest favorite with service from AFS Coffee at (334) 264.7336 and