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Food consultants in Montgomery River Region and Auburn that make vending machines an employee benefit


Delicious food ready 24/7

With a food vending machine program, there will always be a quality entree or food snack ready for hungry workers.

Offering onsite food is a huge perk. Employees save time during breaks and enjoy fresh, gourmet sandwiches, salads, fruit cups, and more at a reasonable price. There is no cost to the your company, making food vending machines an ideal break room booster.

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  • Great tasting food

    Fresh ingredients are at the core of all the entrees we deliver, including those in our vending machines.

  • Stellar benefit

    Increase employee morale and retention by offering meal and food snack options right in the break room.

  • Completely customized

    Not only do we tailor the food vending machine menu to your preferences, we also alter the options to keep it interesting.

  • Productivity enhancing

    No more hunger-distracted employees or long breaks off site thanks to great tasting food in onsite vending machine.

Dozens of food choices

Choose from Montgomery River Region and Auburn favorites including sandwiches,
burgers, wraps, salads, veggie trays, fruit cups, and lots more.

Ensure there is always something delicious in the break room with food vending service from
AFS Coffee Service at (334) 264.7336,