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Inspire your Montgomery River Region and Auburn workforce with a Flavia office coffee solution that offers dozens of beverage options.

Get more than just coffee
Vending machines and flavia brewing in Montgomery & Auburn
Innovative brewing

The Flavia single-cup brewer uses a revolutionary flat-pack technology to offer each person a unique hot beverage experience, including lattes, herbal teas, coffee, and more.

Vending machines and premium Flavia coffee machines in Montgomery & Auburn
Quality beverages

The Flavia flat-pack technology locks in freshness, ensuring each cup is a premium quality drink worthy of the local cafe. Enjoy popular national and sustainable brands.

Quality coffee brewing with Flavia in Montgomery & Auburn
User convenience

The Flavia single-cup brewer saves time by being on site, yet is a single machine able to create many drink varieties that can be personalized to individual tastes.

Latest single-cup brewing experience

AFS offers customers the stylish and powerful Flavia brewer complete with drink and menu options to customize each freshly-brewed coffee or tea.

Delicious variety in every serving

Control brewing options through an intuitive LCD display
Each delicious, hot beverage is made in less than 60 seconds
Patented process ensures no contamination from one drink to the next
Compact size and pour-over or plumbed-in feature make placement easy

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Enjoy dozens of carefully roasted gourmet coffees, delicately blended teas, and quality espressos using the Flavia brewer.

Flavia packets in Montgomery & Auburn

Bring the energizing effects of coffee to your Montgomery River Region and Auburn workplace with office coffee service from AFS Coffee at 334-264-7336 and