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Best beverage vending machine selection in Montgomery River Region and Auburn


Ice cold beverages where you work

Boost morale and productivity with state-of-the-art beverage vending machines stocked regularly by AFS Coffee beverage experts.

Nothing beats having a refreshing beverage at your fingertips. AFS Coffee offers exceptional beverage vending machines that include the top-selling brands and flavors of soft drinks, sports drinks, flavored waters, and energy drinks. All forms of payment are accepted at our beverage vending machines.

  • Beverage vending machines filled with today’s must-have cold beverages including top brands and flavors.
  • Perfect the variety of beverages in your vending machine from top-selling sodas to popular sparkling waters.
  • Experience sophisticated vending machines that accept all forms of credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets to make buying quick and easy.
  • No matter the time of day, we can handle your restocking or service needs, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • AFS Coffee brings a personalized experience to your beverage vending, from customized drinks to around-the-clock service.
  • The best beverage vending machines start with the best quality products, including brand name soft drinks, flavored waters, and energy drinks.
  • Whether it’s a high-protein shake or a low-calorie sparkling water, our selection of nutritious drinks rivals your imagination.

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Beverage service you can count on

Your employees and guests will never be without their favorites drinks thanks to AFS Coffee beverage vending machines.


Savor beverages made from great ingredients in the most popular flavors available immediately in the break room vending machine.


Ensure better-for-you beverages are among those available to Montgomery River Region and Auburn residents at your workplace.

Cold glass of Coca-Cola

Select the variety of beverages that will most appeal to your employees and guests from our wide range of options.


Reliable beverage vending machine service for all Montgomery River Region and Auburn locations, including 24-hour attention.

Enjoy convenient and fairly priced beverages from vending machines stocked by AFS Coffee at (334) 264.7336 and