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Create a workplace cafe using a bean to cup brewer that will delight Montgomery River Region and Auburn area employees

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Freshly brewed coffee and specialty drinks

Savor your favorite coffee house beverage without leaving the office thanks to an easy to use single cup coffee machine.

Whole beans are freshly ground for each coffee or coffee-based drink
Beverages are customizable for each person visiting the break room
A video screen provides instructions and entertainment during brewing
Variety of beverages can be created from a single bean to cup coffee machine

Always freshly brewed

The Starbucks Serenade is a bean to cup machine that combines the quality you expect from Starbucks with at-work coffee brewing.

Using the Serenade single-cup brewer is an experience, from the 17-inch screen with engaging content to versatility in payment options. Plus it’s convenient and prepares coffee house rivaling beverages.

Delicious options to satisfy every palate

Coffee Iced Coffee Tazo Chai Latte

Iced Coffee
Tazo Chai Latte
Hot Chocolate

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Explore Starbuck’s newest bean to cup brewer — the Serenade

Benefit from a bean to cup brewer

Employees won’t bother traveling off site for coffee when gourmet options are available in the break room.

Drive up morale with deliciously fresh office coffee.

PGet more dedicated and happier employees who love the specialty coffee and espresso drinks you brought on site.

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With each cup, whole beans are ground and custom brewed to the users’ specifications.


A single cup coffee brewer that produces the sights, smells, and sounds of an authentic cafe.


We place bean to cup brewers that can deliver high quality drinks worthy of local coffee shops.


Entertaining video and onscreen instructions ensure an engaging brewing experience.

Build goodwill among employees with superior coffee made by bean to cup brewers from AFS Coffee at 334-264-7336 and